Miyo Yoshida



I am a multi-disciplinary designer with expertise in a variety of three dimensional fields. Spanning across Art and Design, my career encompasses Set Design for TV Shows, Jewellery Design, Art Installations and Sculpture, Fashion, Accessories and Home Decor.


MA Royal College of Art
London, UK 2007 - 2009

Istituto Europeo Design
Milan, Italy 1993-95

BA Tokyo Polytechnic College Tokyo, Japan 1990-92



Art Installation & Sculpture

Graduate Exhibition
Galerie Marzee
Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2009

We Object
Ada Street Gallery
London, 2009

Show RCA One
Royal College of Art
London, 2009

Can I Help You?
Royal College of Art
London, 2009

Effe Kijken 1
The Human Touch
Galerie Marzee
Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2008

Metal Rocks
Victoria and Albert Museum
London, 2008

Siamo Qui / We Are Here
Le Pagliere di Porta Romana
Florence, Italy, 2008

Work In Progress Show
Royal College of Art
London, 2008


Expect the Unexpected in Frayling’s last year
Crafts Magazine
July-August 2009

Jewellery New Feature
Elle Magazine online
March 2007

Trend Stalker
New Woman Magazine
March 2007

Jewellery New Feature
Sugar Magazine
March 2007


(List is organized by industry field)

Set / Production Design

Strictly Come Dancing, Art Director, London 2004
Comic Relief, Art Director, London 2003

Make Shift, Art Director, London 2003,
Making It!, Production Designer, London 2003
Shortchange, Production Designer, London 2002-

2003 Endemol UK
24 Hours Quiz
, Art Director, London 2002

Salon (Season 1&2), Art Director, London 2002, 2003
Big Brother (S.2&3), Art Director, London 2002, 2003

ITV Granada
Looking Good Feeling Great, Production Designer, London 2005 LWT:
Hell’s Kitchen, Art Director, London 2004,2005

MTV Networks (Viacom)
Pimp My Room, Production Designer, London 2005 Shakedown 2, Art Director, London 2004
Dance Floor chart, Art Director, London 2004
Top20, Production Designer, London 2003
TRL, Production Designer, London 2003
Is War the Answer?, Talk Show with Prime Minister Tony Blair, Production Designer, London 2003
Shakedown 1, Production Designer, Lisbon 2003
Staying Alive, Talk show with President Bill Clinton, Production Designer, Barcelona 2002
Disco 2000, Production Designer, London 1999
Cinematic, Production Designer, Milan 1999
MTV Select, Production Designer, London 1999

Wife Swap, Art Director, London 2005

Interior Design

Hair Salon Studio 2, Interior Designer, London 2006

BBC Accounts Offices, Interior Designer, London 2002

Paul Mullins Associates: Interior Designer assistant, London 1998 Sweet factory

Identica partnership

Studio FGS
Renovation projects

Architect assistant, Milan 1997-98
Computers information offices

J. Walter Thompson
advertising agency offices renovation

IMP editor offices.

Miyo Yoshida // Set Design, Installation Art, Sculpture.