The Void

Everything that we 'consume', from social media to advertising, to entertainment, construes an aspirational reality. We aspire and desire to possess some material objects: props to signal our social rankings to others. Objects become a metaphor for our accomplishments: whether of an idyllic time of leisure and fun, or symbols of artistic or intellectual achievements, or image of the intention to maintain a certain desired physical aspect.

I choose Vacuum Forming as a technique to create a series of objects to form a hyper-real environment. The objects look solid when seen from one side but appear hollow only when walking around the space.

material: styrene, paint

web purse
THE VOID long-shot

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Miyo Yoshida

Set Design.
Installation Art.

Advertising, TV, Film and Digital.
Live & Pre-recorded Shows & Events.
Art Installations and Sculpture in Situ. Commissioned Pieces.


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