Is war the answer? An MTV forum with Tony Blair.

In 2003, just days before a US-led attack on Iraq was launched, Tony Blair debated the US and UK's tough stance on Iraq in a global youth debate, broadcasted to more than 300m worldwide, called 'An MTV Forum with Tony Blair: Is War the Answer?'. It was Blair's first pan-European youth forum, it lasted 60 minutes and was broadcasted in the UK and Europe, as well as on MTV channels in the Middle East, Australia, Asia, Latin America and the US. It took the form of a question and answer session with 40 young people from across the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East, who were able to closely question issues surrounding Iraq war.

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£5 coin

Money does not have an absolute value, but one that is completely dependent on status, class, attitude and condition at one given time.
You are drawn to this shiny coin, through its holes you can see what you are purchasing while on the other side you become aware of your reflected image: a reminder of the value you attribute. 

The Royal Mint supported me whilst at the Royal College of Art London to produce these bespoke £5 coins.

A raised gallery area with a stepped floor accommodates the audience and renders them integral part of the show. The material used is a corrugated polyboard which is back lit to obtain very bright red and purple glowing effects. 


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